June 28, 2013

FBAR filing due // Nonprofit Class Coming

Effective July 1, 2013, TD F 90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR), must be filed electronically.
If you have FBAR questions, please email FBARquestions@irs.gov.
For help with e-file technical questions, please email BSAEfilinghelp@fincen.gov or call the BSA E-Filing Help Desk at 1-866-346-9478.
If you are experiencing difficulty in submitting a timely electronic FBAR, please see FinCEN guidance. If there is reasonable cause for the failure, and the balance in the account is properly reported, no penalty will be imposed.

Seminars on Establishing and Running a Nonprofit

Establishing and Running a Non-Profit: Part I
This popular seminar provides an overview of the legal basics for establishing and running a non-profit organization. Presented by Amy Hereford, an attorney and entrepreneur who speaks from her experience in working with non-profit start-ups. It includes practical tips, useful resources including the Non-profit, Tax-exempt Corporation Workbook (2012), an e-book (PDF) that presents the process of establishing a non- profit in a step-by-step format with ample space for notes, charts for gathering necessary information and tables for developing time-lines and assigning responsibilities. An excellent tool for assisting in non-profit formation, orienting new board members and non-profit directors.
NPAD:703 | $25
10am-12pm Saturday July 13, 2013 & September 7, 2013
802 Couch Ave. Meramec Campus
Establishing and Running a Non-Profit: Part II
This seminar builds on the previous session and provides more information. It will explore the legal requirements of operating a non- profit business organization, board responsibilities, business law for non- profits and legal compliance. It will also explore newer business models for non-profits, including fiscal sponsorship, nonprofit alliances, non- profit/for profit joint ventures and other collaborative structures.
NPAD:703 | $25
  1pm-3pm Saturday July 13, 2013 & September 7, 2013
802 Couch Ave. Meramec Campus
Additional Information
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