December 21, 2009

Website Upgrade in Progress

My regular website is under construction - changing host and domain registrar. It may be hard to access for the rest of the year. Try in the interim. See next year's scheduled webcasts:

February 16, 2010: Basic Taxation of Religious - 2010 Update This popular one hour webcast will discuss the preparation of the tax return for religious with taxable income, including an update on 2010 tax issues.

May 18, 2010: Transfer to Another Religious Institute This one hour webcast will examine the process of transfer of a member to another religious institute, including the conditions and effects of the transfer. It will also discuss issues that arise in this process.

August 17, 2010: Civil Structures of Religious Institutes This webcast will examine those civil structures used by religious institutes to carry out their life and work in the civil sphere. Registration Blessed Christmas! Amy