August 19, 2013

Entity Selection for Nonprofits

Once the decision is made to start a nonprofit organization, the initial consideration is the type of charitable entity to be formed. The following are the four types of entities that can generally qualify for tax-exempt status:

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August 12, 2013

Nonprofit Seminar - Sept 7

Establishing and Running a Non-Profit: Part I

This popular seminar provides an overview of the legal basics for establishing and running a non-profit organization. Presented by Amy Hereford, an attorney and entrepreneur who speaks from her experience in working with non-profit start-ups. It includes practical tips, useful resources including the Non-profit, Tax-exempt Corporation Workbook (2012), an e-book (PDF) that presents the process of establishing a non- profit in a step-by-step format with ample space for notes, charts for gathering necessary information and tables for developing time-lines and assigning responsibilities. An excellent tool for assisting in non-profit formation, orienting new board members and non-profit directors.
NPAD:703 | $25
680 # 10am-12pm Saturday Sept 7, 2013
Meramec-Bus. Admin., Rm TBA (Meramec - 802 Couch Ave. Meramec Campus )

Establishing and Running a Non-Profit: Part II

This seminar builds on the previous session and provides more information. It will explore the legal requirements of operating a non- profit business organization, board responsibilities, business law for non- profits and legal compliance. It will also explore newer business models for non-profits, including fiscal sponsorship, nonprofit alliances, non- profit/for profit joint ventures and other collaborative structures.
NPAD:703 | $25
681 # 1pm-3pm Saturday Sept 7, 2013
Meramec-Bus. Admin., Rm TBA (Meramec - 802 Couch Ave. Meramec Campus )

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A faith-based nonprofit class is being presented in North St. Louis on Sept 14, 2013. Email for information:

August 05, 2013

Fall Covenant Project Workshops

This project assists religious institutes facing an uncertain and changing future. In this difficult but grace-filled time, a community can live today's challenges with the same courage, fidelity and creativity that have marked its entire history. We assist communities in developing a timeline, in identifying the covenant(s) and/or partnership(s) that will be helpful along the way and in putting the necessary documents.
  • OnGround: St. Louis, MO Sept 21, 2013
  • Webcast: Tuesdays in September 2013
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