January 06, 2010

New on Exempt Organizations

1. Rev. Proc 2010-8: New User Fees Apply to Exempt Organization Matters

New user fees apply to Exempt Organizations exemption applications, ruling requests and other matters for 2010. Consult section 6 of Revenue Procedure 2010-8 to ensure that you include the appropriate fee with your application for exemption or other ruling or determination request.

Applicants for exemption from Federal income tax, other than those filing Form 1023, should be sure to include the revised Form 8718, User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request, with their submissions.

2. Revenue Procedure 2010-4: Updated Procedures for Issuance of Ruling and Information Letters

The IRS has revised procedures for for the issuance of ruling letters, information letters, etc., on matters related to Code sections under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner, Tax Exempt and Government Entities.

3. Revenue Procedure 2010-5: Updated Guidance for Issuance of Technical Advice

Revenue Procedure 2010-5 explains when and how Exempt Organizations Technical provides technical advice to area managers and appeals offices regarding exempt organization matters and provides a general update of Revenue 2009-5.

4. Statistical Information of Interest to Tax-Exempt Organizations

Review statistical studies of exempt organizations and individual noncash charitable contributions compiled by the IRS Statistics of Income Division and learn how to download and use EO Master File Data on IRS.gov.