September 11, 2009

More IRS News

1. New! On-line Tool to Help EOs Complete 2008 Form 990: Form 990: Getting Started - A Case Study

Thousands of tax-exempt organizations are in the process of gathering information and completing the redesigned 2008 Form 990. This new on-line tool uses a practical example to show organizations how to address key areas of the redesigned Form 990 and Schedules. An organization can compare its own situation to the case study and learn how to properly complete its own form.

Getting Started includes a sample filled-in Form 990 and Schedules A and O, prepared using information about a hypothetical organization's mission, board of directors, financial information and policies. This series of seven, short, on-line videos explain how to complete key sections of the Form 990 and highlights some of the form changes. Find this new on-line resource as well as other resources for 990 filers on

2. New! Mini-Course Provides Overview of Form 990-EZ

Because of changes in filing thresholds, many more organizations are eligible to file Form 990-EZ. To learn whether your organization may file the EZ and to learn more about this shorter, simpler form, watch this mini-course at