October 23, 2006

Records: Privacy in and Electronic Age

Monthly Webcast:
November 21, 2006 2:00 pm EDT, 11:00 am PDT

Records Have a Life Cycle - Generally records questions are posed as record retention or record destruction problems. However, it is helpful to view the issues from a broader perspective of the entire life cycle of a record. In this perspective, records are managed from the moment of their creation through their entire useful life to their final destruction.

Record Types - Records come in many types and descriptions, from the most casual doodling to formal documents to highly sensitive documents. Management of records will must take account of document type.

Records in an Age of Privacy - The age of privacy has made its mark on the way records are made and preserved. Concerns about privacy should impact record management, but they should not paralyze the organization.

Records in an Electronic Age - The electronic age has made more records available to more people in more places. Is privacy possible in an electronic age? How do organizations deal with data, metadata, the sheer volume and near indestructibility of records?

Documenting an Incident - In view of the forgoing, practical principles can be developed regarding documenting events. What should be written, how long should it be kept, who should have access to the records and who should be able to add to or remove documents from the record?

Developing a Policy - A well crafted records policy is indispensable in order to help an organization navigate the demands of an increasingly litigious society with its heightened concern for privacy and the increasing availability of electronic storage and retrieval of information.

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November's webcast will review the range of legal issues affecting record retention, consider the entire range of records management concerns and discuss necessary elements of a Records Policy.

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